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Training Guidelines

Here you can find some useful information for your training journey with me:

Workout Terminology

I wanted to quickly define some terms that will be used throughout. To give you the best workout possible, I give guidelines on a number of different factors beyond sets and reps. Below are definitions of some terms used in workoutnese (my term for workout jargon) that I use to describe the different aspects of the program.


Since I’m not physically there with you, it’s important you build upon the skill of “listening to your body”. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t push it; your body is usually trying to tell you something.

Training Sessions

Training Sessions Must Be Short, intense, consistent and your body must recover

Sleep and Recovery

I could write about the countless studies of why sleep is important for you, your appetite, your mental health, your happiness, and especially your fat loss.Bu t I’m not going to bore you with the science stuff. That’s not the approach I take with fitness.

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