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Nutriength is the new leading and modern Nutrition and Fitness training Clinic based in London. We offer proactive, quality healthcare and coaching in a safe and comfortable environment. At Nutriength, your health and your goals are our number one priority, and we make sure to meet all your needs in a timely manner.

Your Goals, Our Ambition.

Get it done.

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Get to Know Us a Bit Better

Nutriength Ltd is a small company run by Fitnando Pro. Fitnando Pro is the gym based name for Fernando, our Personal Trainer.
Fernando has a long background in fitness. He started training 5 years ago and has helped many users within the gym to reach their goals. On October 2019, Fernando then decided to graduate as Personal Trainer to keep helping people to achieve their objectives. Ever since, Fernando has not stopped his training, expanding his knowledge into exercise referral scheme.
He shortly after became Specialist in Weight management and Physical activity for Obesity and Diabetes.
At the same time he developed his knowledge about nutrition, becoming a certified Nutrition Coach and a Nutritional Therapist.
As he strongly believes that mind and body are somehow connected, he decided to gain knowledge to help his clients with every aspect of their life, not only physical training. He then become a specialist in health coaching and applied nutrition.
To achieve the most of ourselves, we need to balance the 7 dimensions of wellness: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical.




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